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Hi, my name is David Strader, and I’m the guy behind all the great grill reviews, recipes, tips, and guides on GrillingCo.com.

On a more personal note, I’m a blessed husband, proud daddy, favored minister of the Gospel, Pastor of Lighthouse Church, and owner of Epica Interactive.

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I started GrillingCo.com because after spending months researching pellet grills, I couldn’t find one source that I trusted that compared all the major pellet grills in the market, nor did I find something I would consider an “excellent review” of each. Everyone was a self-proclaimed “pro,” yet didn’t speak help me find the grill I was looking for at the time—everything seemed to be perfect.

The purpose of GrillingCo.com is to fill that gap—a resource you can trust and one that speaks to you from an everyday consumer’s perspective. We’ll grill and smoke some REALLY good food together but keep it simple at the same time while helping others get started along the way.

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