Traeger Cutting Board Review

Date Reviewed: January 3, 2024

A must-have companion for every Traeger owner and a great cutting board for every griller. 


We highly recommend picking up the Traeger Bamboo Magnetic Cutting Board if you want a great small cutting board companion to step up your grill game. It’s a solid accessory for under $40 and an incredible gift. You cannot go wrong with the magnetic feature; we dig the bamboo to finish, giving it a great look and making it easy to clean/maintain.

For all you Traeger owners, this is a must-have! The Traeger magnetic cutting board pairs nicely with your pellet grills, side shelves, and hoppers.

Traeger Cutting Board

This cutting board has a 4.6/5 rating on Amazon and has over 800 reviews. 


  • This is a great cutting board for any grill that has a side shelf or hopper 

  • Why? The Traeger cutting board is magnetic!

  • Maintenance-free material that is durable and perfect for all meats and purposes.

  • Small but mighty. Some don’t like the small size, but the smaller size makes it very versatile.

  • Trendy grill brand, Traeger.


  • It’s a bit small (9.5″ X 13.5″) but is designed for grill-side prep support—not your all-in-one prepping station.
  • There are cheaper options on the market, but this one IS very reasonable for the quality you get.
  • The magnet could be stronger to avoid accidental movements while cutting on the board.

Price & Value

  • 95% 95%

Retailing for around $35, the Traeger Bamboo Cutting Board is reasonably priced because of its great quality bamboo material with a magnetized function and brand. You can find similar models a little cheaper, but you will sacrifice quality and won’t have the ‘coolness’ of the Traeger logo.

At this price point, the Traeger cutting board makes for a great birthday or Christmas gift!

Build Quality

  • Material 95% 95%
  • Durability 90% 90%

Construction & Material

As has already been mentioned, the Traeger cutting board is constructed with bamboo. Bamboo cutting boards are popular because they are known for their low maintenance and durability. A simple hand wash with warm water and soap does the trick every time.


In all our testing, we’ve had absolutely no issues with the durability of the Traeger Magnetized Cutting Board. Based on the look and feel of the board, it feels like a solid piece of bamboo as you’d expect, and it doesn’t feel like a fall or years of use would wear on it much.

Some reviews we researched indicate that, at times, small pieces of bamboo come off of the grill, but this often happens when left outside for extended periods of time in the weather or put into the dishwasher. Again, simply hand wash this board with warm water and dish soap and you shouldn’t have a problem.

The Magnetic Feature

The Traeger cutting board’s core feature is that it is magnetic to stabilize on front shelves, side shelves, hoppers, or any magnetic surface. This is great when you are cutting meat or veggies before or after cooking outside; this feature really helps you keep the mess outside and gives you versatility for all your grill shelves.


  • Size & Shape 95% 95%
  • Functionality 95% 95%
  • Cleaning & Maintenance 100% 100%

We love that this cutting board is magnetized – it makes transferring large pieces of meat from the board to your grill very easy, and that’s a huge design win in our book.

The look and overall design of the cutting board are beautiful and what you’d expect from Traeger.

The design is simple yet functional with a modern look and feel.

Size & Shape

The Traeger cutting board is 9.5″ X 13.5″, a relatively small size when comparing cutting boards. However, the size is intentional as it complements Traeger pellet grills and any other grill with similar-sized shelves.

In terms of size, you’re likely not going to use this cutting board to trim that brisket, but it’s perfect for steaks, pork chops, veggies, chicken, and much more.

Very Functional

Again, the design is very functional and simple. That’s what we love about this cutting board.

Cleaning the Traeger Cutting Board

Cleaning and maintenance here are easy. Just use warm water and soap for cleaning and there’s vertically no maintenance required. Just keep the cutting board in a dry area for storage.

Traeger Cutting Board Specifications

Below are some of the common specifications of the Traeger Magnetic Cutting Board:

Product Dimensions
13.5"L x 0.59"W x 9.5"Th
Bamboo Wood
Special Feature
Eco-Friendly & Magnetic
1.8 Pounds
Washing Method
Warm Water & Soap


Below are some of the common questions customers have for the Traeger Cutting Board. If you have any additional questions, ask us in the comments below.

How thick is the Traeger Magnetic Cutting Board?

It is  0.59” thick

Does the magnetic Traeger Cutting Board fit on the Timberline and Ironwood grills?

Yes, they fit perfectly.

Does the Traeger Cutting Board require oil?

No, the material is bamboo wood and the finish is smooth, thus, this board does not require oil.

Who should buy the Traeger Cutting Board?

If you own a Traeger and don’t have this cutting board, don’t wait, get yours today. Even if I didn’t own a Traeger, I would still highly recommend the board for any griller who has a shelf it’ll magnetize to.

  • Affordable & Reliable: the Traeger Cutting Board is very reasonable given the level of quality we’ve experienced. At $35 or less, you can’t go wrong! 
  • Functional: Again, every griller should own one of these but there’s no excuse for a Trager Grill owner not to have one. It’s so functional for your hopper lid or front shelf area.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain: Keeping this board clean, no matter the use, is as easy as it gets and requires virtually no maintenance.
Traeger Cutting Board

This cutting board has a 4.6/5 rating on Amazon and has over 800 reviews. 

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